Published: 01. 07. 2010     10 comments is a private insurance business firm concerning the plans on the internet investment. safeguards your capital in the e-commerce globe. Through applying our facilities, you will hedge your bets of the percentage of your loss. We will patronize you from opening an account to drawing off your deposit.


from Tristar Profit Fund
We is pleased to inform our members that we have successfully completed 30 Days online yesterday. The members who deposited funds on first day of our launch earned as much as 175% in total return. We would also like to thanks all our members for this achievement and for their continuous support. .

from Honesty Invest
Please Read FaQ about Withdraws. We are clearly montioned that withdraws processed within 12 "Business Hours". So please don't give fake votes to our site without waiting atleast 12 Business Hours. 12 Business Hours mean we are working in a day from 10 AM to 9 PM ..

from InflexShares
First of all, congratulations to everyone who joined us from day one! You've been a great, loyal supporting customer base and we couldn't have asked for better clients. You've been giving us comments, constructive criticisms and suggestions that have helped us improve along the way..

from Valencia FH
We are pleased to announce that Valencia Finance House FZE has completed 15 days week online today. During these two weeks, we got the huge attention and interest of investors thus making us one of the prominent programs in the market which can be seen at Alexa Ranking..

from InflexShares
Moving on to other news, we have been growing steadily and we have just recently broke the milestone for 1000 members! That's no easy feat, especially considering that we are aiming for slow growth along with a low, but sustainable, interest rate. Many investors are still skeptical about mid / long-term programs, and we are here to make a statement..

from "Forex Shooter"
We are recuriting some global partners, with different backgrounds and skills. It will enable us to promote our programs and ideas to more members. By having more members, we have greater ability to influence the market and bring greater and fairer returns to you..

from "Fxen"
We just want to inform you ,that always remember withdraw requests process only on Business days (Mon to Fri) within 12 to 24 hours. But if you send withdraw request on Weekends(Saturday and Sunday) then you need wait for business days..

from "I Can Invest"
Today is the 30th days online of ICI.We are glad to see that more and more investors are willing to join ICI and make a deposit with us.We are online 24 hours a day.So all withdraws are usually processed very fast and all support tickets are replied in a very short time..

from "Silver Structure"
Today we are celebrating reaching 21,000 registered members of Silver Structure. In only just over 4 months of operation, this is quite an impressive feat and we are thrilled not only with that, but also that a large number of our members are already in profit and those who joined us during the first month are earning a 100% passive income by now..

from "PreTrades"
Pretrade has been sucessful online over 90 days. each investor can gain big profit if you deposit. we are glad to tell you this is best program in this year as you see. as we are so sucessful, some scam admin starts to copy our design. we only have this program, do not deposit your money in other scam program..

from "Silver Structure"
We are now approaching 3 months of online operation of Silver Structure and we are very pleased to inform you that the overwhelming interest in our venture has exceeded our expectations already so far..

from "Forex Galleon"
Forex Galleon ( ) offering 10% deposit bonus for ALERTPAY deposits. Thank you..

from "Swaia"
We would like t inform you that due to implementing the new security script system on our website, our Web-Domain would be subjected to change and our previous Domain no longer is in use. you can access to your account through this link: We hope the changes in our service improvement would result t your satisfaction and confidence. Regards, swaia investment ltd

from "Instanty Investment CO.LTD"
Our site was hacked 3 days ago and the hacker took about $40000 away from our Libertyreserve account with the instant withdraw systerm.And we were forced to close the instant withdraw systerm to check this problem.Now we have found the bug and fixed it.We will start to proccess all pending withdraws manually.There are so many pending withdraws in our systerm now.

Please be informed, the holidays of new year would not subject our payment schedule, and the interests would be allocated to your investments as usual. There would be no changes on our plan and payments. Last but not least, we hope to gain your confidence in regards of having kind and continues support and be your partner on 2012. .

"Instanty Investment CO.LTD"
First of all,we would like to wish all members and your famillies Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.As we know that many sites will not generate profits during this holidays.But will WORK AS NORMAL AND DAILY PROFIT WILL BE SENT TO YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE EXEPT WEEKENDS.And many admins will also close their sites during this time.

Wong Financial Christmas weekly ..
Our Christmas weekly offer will launch on Dec-19-2011, this offer will valid till Dec-25-2011 23:59:00 1. Christmas Hit 4% Daily Minimum Deposit $2500 Maximum Deposit $4499 Interest 4% Daily Interest Days 50 Days Principal Amount Included Total return 200% Referral commission 10% 2. Christmas Super 5% Daily Minimum Deposit $4500 Maximum Deposit

NEO Progress now translated to Germ
We continue to work on localizing our site and today we added German language.Now all our interface completely translated and every visitor from Germany can enjoy of native language. Also we have paid all pending withdrawals and we will pay instantly from 10 of November.We are actively working on the localization of the website and within 1-2 days our site will be translated into Italian langu

Localization of the NEO Progress
We started work on the mass localization of NEO Progress website on several languages. At this moment website interface is available on English and Chinese languages.We are carrying out work on localization for German, Spanish, Indonesian, Indian, Italian, Romanian and Russian. NEO Progress Client Support Department Phone number: +441233438040 Fax: +4412332215

Scam email warning! (Online Inv...)
We have to inform you that several members have received an email with asking to change the API settings of their e-currency account. This email is a scam. Please do not follow any instructions on these emails. Administration .

DEBIT card (Macro Trade)
Dear customers! We are glad to inform you that as we have promised, in a few days we are going to introduce a new withdrawal option. So, it will be much easier to withdraw your profits using this new option - DEBIT card. Using these cards you will be able to pay wherever you wish and withdraw your cash from any ATM of the world in any currency. All the legal details with the

Perfect Money deposit Problem
To all investors and partners Recently we got some connection problem between our servers and Perfect Money servers. We had contacted with our data center and Perfect Money to solve this problem , we hope this will solve soon. Until further notice all perfect money deposit will add manually and it takes about 5 or 6 hours. So i have face any problem please CONTACT SWAIA customer serv

New Investment Plans (HYIP Techn..)
Hello, Our investment plans has been changed to: Starter Plan: 120% after 7 Calendar Days! Professional Plan: 150% after 15 Calendar Days! Thank you

Victory Plans - Macro Trade Team
Due to the termination of the "Vacation" plan and its popularity, we have decided to introduce a new plan of small duration, which will become our permanent plan. We are pleased to offer you a "Victory" plan, with the period of deposit of only 99 business days. The interest rates remain the same as in the "Vacation" plan: from 10 to 3,000 - 1.4% daily from 3,000 to 10,000 - 1.9% daily

Online Investment Bank
On the website had been technical problems with the SCI. We have just finished adding all the missing Liberty Reserve deposits that were not credited instantly in accounts up to this point. Please check your account. If you make a deposit but do not have it on your account then please send us your payment details. We manually add a deposit to your account balance. Support

Opulentia: Scheduled maintenance
At the moment we are switching to a different server, and our site will be temporarily unavailable during the max. 24 hours. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but as we are working on improvements this was necessary. Expect good news from us very soon. Thank you for your trust. Best regards, Daniel Beletzky CEO at Opulentia.

Alpha Forex Investment Limited Vaca
Due to Alpha Forex team vacation currently our main plans closed, it will available on 15 September of 2011. New plans are available here. Note: these plans are only for these recent 2 month. after plans get back to normal. Best wishes Alpha Fore Investment Limited

Heinx Update
This is just a short update on Heinx, we had an interview with the admin of Money-News-Online blog and you can read about it on:

DDoS Protection Upgrade .: Alpha Fo
Our company's website was unavailable almost an hour today due to DDoS protection upgrade. However, as our trading system is located on different servers, unavailability of our website does not affect our trading on the Forex market. Now our web site back to normal and All members can log in to their members account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Vacation Plans from Macro Trade
Dear customers, We present you our new Vacation Plans: from 10 to 3,000 - 1.4% daily - duration 120 business days from 3,000 to 10,000 - 1.9% daily - duration 120 business days from 10,000 to 50,000 - 2.1% daily - duration 120 business days from 50,000 - 2.4% daily - duration 120 business days Warm regards, Macro Trade Team

2011-02-05 1 month anniversary!
Dear member We are glad to celebrate tomorrow our first month anniversary. In order to enjoy this event, all deposits processed from now, until 6th february included, will be credited with 5% bonus. (Manually added after few hours maximum). There is no maximum deposit or amount limit for this offer. We hope you'll appreciate our effort to satisfy all our customers. Have a great week en

Today there have been a new development : Thanks to the API integration of our acceptable payment systems, we have manage to reduce our employees work and our minimum to withdraw policy. As of now, it's only $3.00 per request instead of $15.00. Stay tuned for more news, visit: Have a good weekend, CEO, Mark Goodman.

Scheduled Maintenance - 23 January,
Liberty Reserve will be unavailable on: 23 January, between 8:00 and 11:00(GMT) This upgrade will give you a faster, more productive system. Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve.

"Perfect Money"
"Perfect Money" account was added to our company's payment systems. Since then, our darling users can use this bank for their registration and investment purposes in the insured HYIP sites too.

Make one deposit today and get up %10 bonus direct in your payment system! This offer is only for today!

The Insurance Premium
Our insurance charge was changed such that its fixed monthly state was changed to variable state. Since then, every user in accordance with his/her insurance charge who has paid will be guaranteed by us.

Some of our rules and regulation were changed. For more detailed information please refer to our rules and regulations section.

SunPoll Insurance Company
SunPoll Private Insurance Company was established in order to guarantee your investment in the e-commerce and especially it is concerned for the HYIP sites. Please send us your opinions, viewpoints and recommendations as well.



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